Wednesday, March 3, 2010

its been so long!!!

Well, i'm officially back on the band wagon dressed in my gym gear and just about to head out for a workout.

I had a lovely time in melbourne, will post some pics up soon to prove it! Since coming home, i have quit my job and started uni - studying primary teaching!!

After about a month (!!!) off, i am back to eating plan and working out. Here are my changes:
- Calorie limit has been changed to 1450 (from 1600)
- fat intake changed to 42gms (from 55gms)
- re-done my goals and targets which i will share in a mo'.
- new music on my ipod to help me stay motivated in the gym
- developed a weekly plan and scheduled gym work-outs!

So i weighed myself this morning, and official weight is...

Actually quite happy with that - only gained 300gms since i bailed on my new regime!
But here are my new goals:

Still would like to be 65 kilos by my birthday (9th August 2010)
Mini goals:
82 kilos by end of March
78 kilos by end of April
74 kilos by end of May
70 kilos by end of June
66 kilos by end of July

Anyway, as you can see i have photoshopped miranda kerr and put my face in to inspire me!! hahaha
It was a bit of a joke really - as if shes 65kgs!
But i will look just as hot as her one day (maybe?)

Anyway - i'm off to the gym to get on the treadmill (aka. revolving apparatus of death) to burn off some cals! Gotta lose this ass.

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