Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A breakfast worth getting up for....

Happy Wednesday! And Happy 50th Birthday Mum!

Guess what!? i got the new EA Active to play with yesterday:

Its sooo good. Well i am such a big fan of this EA stuff, the new one is located at a 'fitness resort' ooooh! so activities that it includes is water skiing, circuit training, sparring and targets, ab workouts. Its actually pretty good, and it makes me feel like i'm not really working out, but having fun! They also have a sprint game, where you jog lightly, and then you have to sprint to pass the next person. So it kind of has interval training in it too. It has heaps of step routines as well, but i want to get the attachment for the wii balance board to make it higher.

i did about 260 cals on the wii last night, and then i did a quick thing of weights - probly about 10-15 mins - did my arms, and a bit of my butt! They were actually quite sore by the end of it, but surprisingly - Not sore this morning!?

So, i've been reading the blog of and she is awesome. She leads a really clean life (ie. Vegan and a PT). She has heaps of cool stuff on her site so you should check it out. I stole this recipe from her - for the breakfast cookie:

I tried it out this morning, and heres the recipe i used:

1/3 cup of traditional oats,
1 tablespoon of honey
sprinkling of cinnamon,
1 tbsn of sultanas
1 tbsn of dried apricots
1 small mashed banana.
Dash of milk
You put it into a bowl and stir it all together, put it on a plate and refrigerate overnight. wha-la. in the morning its scrumptious. i ate mine with a tiny bit of yogurt. Works out to be about 373 cals (without the yoghurt). However, i am going to try 'stevia' instead of honey - its a natural sweetner, with like no calories! I also thinks its meant to be a little harder than what it was this morning, so will try to eliminate the honey soon with the replacement.
The best thing about this is that you can change it up - Fitnessista puts carob, apple, protein powder, nut butter or cocoa powder in! And that works great for me because i get bored really easily!
I've been feeling really good physically lately. Emotionally i've been a bit exhausted as i've had so much happening lately - christmas, my mums bday, new years and work on every day in between. But exercising last night felt really good, my heart rate was up doing the skipping and sprinting, i was red-faced, but felt really relaxed at the same time. i actually think i'm looking much better in my body as well. Maybe i'll get the courage to post a photo of my 'whole' self shortly.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and thereafter...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!
I had a good Christmas - even if i had to work Boxing Day!

We had a picnic in Kings Park (our main park in Western Australia) and everyone brought a plate to share! I think i did alright food wise. For lunch i had some cold lean meats (turkey and ham) with some cranberry sauce. I had about 4 fresh prawns with some cocktail sauce, a bit of salad and some chocolate dipped cherries for dessert. Okay so the chocolate part wasnt that great!! Thats probably the worst thing i ate all day though. On calorie King, the chocolate and cherries worked out to be about 600 cals!! But then again it was christmas, and i didn't have any cake or hardly any soft drink or alcohol. For the day, i consumed about 1500 Cals, and then i was swimming in the pool for a couple of hours, which i put on CK as 60 mins of slow stroke swimming - it said that it would have burned about 700 cals, but i don't really think thats right! If it is, i'd be pretty pleased!

Last night i went on the Wii and did 20 mins by myself, and 20 mins with my little sister (even though she thought it was too hard half way through and gave up). so i burned 250 cals last night. I was pretty happy with that. My arms are sore this morning though!! Can you believe it? Was probly from the continuous Volleyball, tennis and baseball i was playing! haha.

i bought a new water bottle yesterday and i love it! Its pink and has all these quotes on it, looking exactly like the image above! It 750ml, so its a good size to take with me to work everyday and gulp the lot!

Going to the movies tonight. The plan is to eat some Subway for dinner and resist the goodies after all that chocolate on Christmas day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Zumba & Christmas


Quick update of whats happening - i still haven't weighed myself for nearly 2 weeks 'officially' however i did peek on the scales this morning and it say 88.5! Thats gone down another 0.8 kilos! Maybe it was the Zumba!?

Zumba was pretty cool! There was a lot of ass-shaking! Haha. I felt like Kendra from Girls of the playboy mansion - except maybe not that buff!! haha. I most definitely felt every piece of fat on my body wiggle! I'm going to start doing it every week. I want to see my improvement from week-to-week as well. I was pretty exhausted 30 mins in to it, so next time i go, maybe it will be 35 mins into it!?

Foods going all right. It is Christmas tomorrow, and i think we have some pretty healthy things on the menu this year, but i will just have to watch my portion control. I also have a goal to not drink any soft-drink tomorrow! I figure because i might have some dessert and bits and pieces so if i can eliminate soft-drink it will make it a little easier on myself (and the scales). I also plan to go to my dads house to swim in the pool tomorrow, so that will probly burn some extra calories!

I also want to see if i can get on the wii tonight! Just want a quick high-intensity workout to keep me on track for Chrissy! My goal is to burn 200 cals. Maybe my lil sis will play some games with me too!?

Anyway, i best be off as i am actually at work at the moment! Will post again after Chrissy!

P.S - the picture above is what i will look like at Christmas next year!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Catching Up

Yew! What a busy few days its been. Well, since i last updated i got a little sick on tuesday night, went home from work at 3pm, and stayed in bed curled up, the smell of food made me want to gag! So i didn't eat anything for the rest of that day.
The next day i felt much better though. Been chugging along with my food, all is good there. Just lately though, i keep on having a few thoughts in my head to just 'stuff it'. i don't know why! I will just think... hmm... i wonder how many calories a cheeseburger is??
HAHA... I'm such a loser. Why do i do this to myself? However, every single time, i have stopped myself, with my 'good' self saying to my 'bad self' that i have come too far, and as i walk to the food court i look at all the pretty clothes and slim people. I have to keep reminding myself of that! BTW, a large cheesburger meal is 960 calories. I checked. And it turned me off. Sometimes i used to eat a lot more than a cheeseburger meal some days!!
I don't really think my weight has changed much in the last week. I haven't really done much exercise this week as i haven't been feeling the best. I don't feel guilty for not doing it though, because i think its what my body needed, what with my feet and legs being sore aswel.
What i am worried about is getting back into it! I would love to get on the Wii tonight and do a session, so i still feel like i'm on top of it. Otherwise, i will just give up, because i've basically stopped exercising anyway right!? So my goal for today: Get on the Wii!
I've been doing some long days at work this past week with Christmas and all and my feet have been so sore! Its another barrier to me exercising at the end of the day. I think i just have to not think about it and get changed into my exercise stuff straight away when i get home so i can't get out of it!
Also, i forgot my sports gear yesterday - i was meant to go to Zumba!!!!
I was so sad! However, my sister and i have rescheduled to Monday! Stay tuned for the Zumba review after that!
Oh, also i got accepted into University next year. I'm doing my Dip Ed, and it will take me a year. I will be busy, but my time will be more flexible, making it easier to exercise i think! I also won't be standing up all day so i will be more energised to exercise!!
I think the main thing i have to improve on now is just my activity level. If i can do that, then i will see some results! Hopefully!

Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm writing this to you all sweaty and hot from a Wii Workout! I burned 218 cals tonight. I was sitting on my bed feeling pretty sorry for myself, so i thought i would do something about it!

I feel better now i've done something because i've had a couple of days off because of my feet. I went to the doctor about it today and i think he had no idea what it was!? He thought they both may have been sprained??? hmm... he doesn't think its a clot, but feels he has to rule it out so he's sending me for a scan or something. He reckons i shouldn't exercise for 2-3 weeks and wear flat shoes.... hmmm. Don't think i can do that. Well, i'm going to see how it goes anyway. My feet look like they have pretty much returned to normal now anyway. I'll see how work goes tomorrow and decide whether to get a second opinion.

Food wise was okay today. I did go over my sisters place for lunch. We had roast beef with veges, and fruit salad with custard for desert. Calorie King said that the meet had 10.6 gms of fat and i put down a tablespoon of olive oil too, as it was roasted and it said 18gms of fat!!! eek. Said my total fat intake was 61.4! The curry i had for dinner was supposedly 19.6gms of fat, however don't think that was completely accurate because the curry was homemade. I know it would have had fat in it, but probably not that much!

Tomorrow is a new day. Back at work. Its Christmas time and hopefully its a bit busier. Tomorrow night i want to be back on the Wii, maybe do some Yoga also. I'm at a different shopping centre also, so new food court. I know there is Sushi there - so thats always a good option.
However, there is Maccas there too! Sometimes when i'm tired from work, that when i feel like getting some junk food - especially something like maccas chips or a cheeseburger. Its funny that i'm noticing a pattern of when i crave that food. Maybe because i'm tired, i just want a quick fix or think it will make me feel better quickly. I'm starting to realise i have to use other ways of making myself feel better than eating junk! So far i haven't given in to my typical junk food fixes. I haven't had any starburst for afternoon tea, or fast food meals for dinner! I do feel better i guess! It is hard, but it will just take a bit of time for me to stop craving that sort of stuff and forget about it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weigh In!

Last Week: 89.3
CW: 89.5

SO i gained 200gms. :( However, my body fat is 38.8 - meaning i lost 0.2% of fat?
Just to keep you guys updated. My job requires me to stand all day, and last night i came home, ready to do some exercise, and both my feet were massive - they got all swelled up! Its now the morning and they are still all swelled (just not as bad!)
I had to keep my foot elevated so the fluid can come back up. Looks like i'll be visiting the doctor tomorrow to see whats up!

This is making it really hard to exercise. I suppose i've just got to focus on my food and make sure i'm eating well.
It feels like whenever you actually try and go for a goal - the world goes against you - first i pretty much broke my toe, the next thing was the pain in my legs when i tried to walk, and now this! I feel like the world is testing me and seeing if i can cut it! pfft.
Well, i'm going to try my absolute hardest to stick to this - because i want it bad!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Same Same

Well, i didn't get to post anything yesterday, was pretty busy with work!
I had an alright day yesterday, i got Japanese for lunch, and decided to get the tempurah prawn. I didn't really even get to finish it though, because i was driving home at the same time!
But then i wasn't really that hungry in the arvo - how it usually is these days.
So i just waited till dinner.

I did take the Tobesta (my doggie) for a walk, and then got on the Wii for a session. I actually had 2 days off from it, and my body felt a lot better doing the exercises. I felt i could hold the positions for longer. i.e. the lunges (my least favourite activity!) i could hold no problem. I felt stronger!

Anyway, last day of my work week today! Yay. Last day working at Rockingham (can i say ever!?). So in a slightly good mood today!
Wonder what i will get for lunch!? I must say, its getting a lot easier to make better food decisions. I pretty much don't even look at the bad stuff so it doesn't tempt me. And i've come to know if i do eat something that has more calories than i thought, i can control my dinner so i can level it out - or just exercise more!

Anyway, i will check in a bit later - maybe when i get home from work!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sore throat! :(

Last night i had a days break kinda. I didn't get on the Wii. My intention was to do a few low impact exercises, but did not have the energy. I did take my dog for a walk yesterday for 25 mins, but was at quite a slow pace, as i've been getting those bad leg pains!! I tried skipping - but guess what!? i don't have anywhere to skip! Outside my house is a big pergola type thing, and its just that little bit too low! so my rope keeps hitting it - we've got grapes coming down from it too, and i don't want to knock all the growing bunches off it! I tried going on the grass, but our patch off grass is slopey, and its just not working out for me! I think on the weekend, i'll try and find a 'posi' thats best for it!
Another bad thing of today is that i woke up with a sore throat! Not good i know. It's gone away since then, but i'm really hoping it doesn't turn into something!
What i am really axcited about though, is Zumba class! I'm hopefully going with my sister next Thursday night, so i'll let you know how that goes! Watch the vid to see what its like!
It really looks like a fun way to burn a few calories!
Thats what my exercise regime is all about i think - finding something you enjoy so you keep at it! i find the Wii lots of fun, and because i did dance when i was young, i think i will enjoy Zumba.
On the eating side of things, i think i'm going alright. Sticking to low calorie foods. I think i do need to work on my portion size, however my mum will go back to cooking most meals (as she's now home from holidays). She's usually pretty good with portion size, so i will resist temptation to go back for seconds! hehe
For lunch i had Tuni sushi roll. It was pretty good! I haven't really felt like sushi in a while, but decided i would today. I also got myself a Watermelon boost drink. It was the lowest calorie drink on the menu - 167 cals. Which i think was ok, seen that sushi is lower calories than i would normally have at lunch. So far i've had 800 cals today so far.... and i feel actually really good with what i've ate, i don't feel totally full or heavy after lunch - i feel quite light and refreshed for a change! :)
Another thing i have to add... i had a sneak peak at the scales last night... it was 91.something. What the!? I don't know whether its just cos i did it during the week, or i really have put on weight! Starting to freak out a little. I think it would be so bad to put last weeks weight back on because i feel like i've been trying hard and it would just be a giant slap in the face.
I will try not to dwell on it though, i know i'm leading a much healthier lifestyle than i used to. And the weight will eventually come off. Just need to be patient with my body!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Did you know that a cup of full cream milk has 10 gms of fat!!!???
I just found that out and i'm astounded!! I just learned how to turn on the 'fat intake' coming up on my calorie king journal - i always seem to exeed my recommended fat intake on the weekends!! hmmm.... gotta work on that!

Keeping track...

So i was curious (okay just bored at work) to know how many calories i had burned so far this week. My goal was to burn 1500 cals this week.
Sunday - 377 cals
Monday - 348 cals
Tuesday - 228 cals
Thats already 953 cals in just 3 days! Maybe next time i should make my targets a bit higher.
Well tonight i plan on taking the dog for a quick walk (as usual), then doing some games on the Wii Fit + as EA active is telling me i need to have a break (how rude!? Has it actually seen what i look like!?). Might do some yoga, a bit of running, and some balance games on that.
I just bought a skipping rope from rebel sport. It was 14.95 and looks pretty good quality! If you think about it, all i have to do is skip for less than an hour to get my money back. I would usually spend $15 on a casual gym pass and burn about 500 cals. Whereas on the skipping rope, i burn 75 cals every 5 mins! Well, i think its a good idea.
So, i plan to do some skipping tonight also. I think after i've finished on the wii, i will just see how long i can skip for. I'm tossing up whether to purchase the HRM. Its $200 for the one that i want... and its already on sale. Saving $50. Still undecided.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still going!

So i just finished my exercise. I took Toby dog for a walk. I wasn't planning on it, but he went mental as soon as i changed into my exercise clothes! I felt so bad, so i took him out. I ran part of the way, but i've been getting these really bad pain up the side of my legs - its gets so painful i can hardly walk! It really ruins the rest of my walks!! :( i felt like i could have worked a lot harder if i wasn't in so much pain!

When i came back i just did 20 mins on the Wii, i set it to easy but it still gave me a workout! The hardest are the squat holds!! Ouch! And i felt like i was running for 3 hours in the last activity!

For dinner i had the rest of the barramundi coated in egg and lemon pepper, then lightly fried. I had that with a big portion of broccoli. i feel pretty full. My sister would be happy to know it had no potato. She was telling me to cut back on it - but i love it so much!!

I'm still really tired though, and i'm hoping this phase will pass. Isn't eating healthy and exercise meant to give you more energy? Hopefully it will come... but right now, i am pooped!

I really didn't feel like exercising tonight. I feel like my motivation is dwindling. Like the fire is burning out a bit. I just need to think about the future, and how much more i will enjoy my holiday knowing that i have worked hard at this. My sister also got me thinking about my birthday (in which i plan to be 65kgs) and what i should do for it. It did get me excited thinking about it. Since i've started, i've only really been thinking about the short term goal.

Anyway, i will fantasise about the possibilities of my 24th birthday - happy and healthy!
See you tomorrow!

Spaghetti and Skipping

Well, yesterday wasn't as good a day as i was planning!!
There wasn't really much in my pantry for lunch yesterday, so i made a small bowl of nachos! I did restrict my cheese and portion size. This would have been an okay choice i think, if i had a healthy dinner.... HOWEVER, thats when it all went wrong!
I think i got my first hit of craving something bad. Thai was the craving specifically. I was tired and didn't feel like cooking anything - so takeaway thai was really tempting me.
So the good news is... i didn't get thai!!! And maybe we should just dwell on this for a moment! :)
That means i did resist what i was craving! I do think this is a bit of a step forward for me, because before, i was a girl who whatever she felt like eating, i went out and got - pretty much no self control!! But i did resist this time, and took myself to woolies to buy something.
And the bad news is.... i cooked spaghetti, and ate quite a bit of it. I did check the calories of the sauce at the supermarket (which was like hardly anything - about 25cals a serve), but what i didn't check was pasta. When i was munching down on it, i was thinking it would be aroung 500 cals. To my horror - 815 CALORIES!!! OMG! Spag bol seems innocent and tasty, but it is only the latter.
Anyway, i'm moving on, and deciding to have a really good day to make up for it. What i will invest in today is a skipping rope! Thats right.. the humble skipping rope. All i remember of skipping ropes is playing doubledutch at school! I found out it burns 75 cals per 5 minutes. My theory is, that i continue my normal fitness regime, but add in 10 mins moderate skipping a day, burning another 150 cals!! If i get my rope today, i will do my 10 minutes skipping tonight.
Another downside of yesterday is that i, again, excused my way out of my weights set!!! Whats wrong with me!! After my huge spaghetti, i became a lump on the sofa and lacked any willpower to move. Yep, thats the power of a plate of carbs at 7pm!
Shall i try again for tonight? I am really tired today, but i'm not going to use it as an excuse, usually when i start doing some exercise, it really wakes me up - its just making the first step!
Wish me luck!
I'll check in tonight, when i've actually put my butt into gear and done some exercise!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Motivations and Goals

Here are my motivations to lose weight:
1. Health - My dad had a heart attack at 52 yrs. Its definitely a bit of an eye opener and reminds me how much i value my own good health. I would like to keep it that way!! There are many diseases that come with being overweight that i most definitely want to avoid. I would love to run up a flight of stair and feel fit and strong, not worn out and breathless!
2. Appearance - a very big motivator for me. Especially as i'm 23 years old - i want to be fashionable, and it gets very hard to do that as you get bigger. I want to like what i see when i see my reflection. I feel like i'm missing my 20's being fat.
3. Self Esteem - A few weeks ago while sitting at a cafe outside, a girl 'thought' i was staring at her. She made some remarks at me - telling me to get in the gym and calling me fat. I know she was rude and being really judgemental, but it really did affect me. i already feel terribly self-conscious about the way i look, and its those situations that dont help. i was so embarrassed and shocked. I don't want to have a reason to feel self-concious. i want to have no fear and let nothing hold me back. I really couldn't say anything back to that girl because it was kind of true what she said. Instead - i use that as motivation now - and invisage her face while doing my boxing!
I want to get rid of the internal dialogue telling me i'm too fat to go to the beach or wear shorts or dresses.
4. Self-control - I would love to feel like i get a say into what i want to eat and feel strong minded to eat something healthy when i feel like take-away. i want to be able to resist temptation.
5. Social Acceptance - i've never felt like i would belong when out with a group of pretty girls - its almost like they're allowed to have fun and do what they like because they're skinny. Whereas i couldn't get away with that because i'm ugly. I want to feel like i'm actually wanted and someone wouldn't write me off just because of the way that i look. This seems like a shallow motivation, but i suppose you don't know what its like until you have been the one not accepted.

My Goals:
My long term goal: By my 24th birthday, i will weigh 65kgs, and be happier and healthier. I will be in control of my life and i would enjoy exercising. I will be a more confident person and able to reach my full potential.
Short-term milestone: By 31st January, i would have lost 7kgs and have gotten into a regular routine of eating healthy and regular exercise. I will already feel much better about myself and confident i can continue this journey through to the end.

Bubble Bath - reward time!!!

Well last night i cooked the dinner above. It was Barramundi marinated in lemon, olive oil and parsley. I also made my own wedges (healthy style) and some asparagus. I realised as i served it up that it was probably a little big in serving. I hardly ever cook for 1 so i'm still learning!
Anyway, it turned out really nice and i think it was a nice balanced meal too?

I had my beautiful and relaxing candlelit bath as a reward for the past week. It was very indulgent and i have to say i had a really good sleep after that. Its really nice taking some time out for yourself where you're just still and focussed on relaxing! Although, my muscles are still hanging out for that massage - however that is my 7kg reward i will get in melbourne! Gotta do the hard work first!

Just had breakfast - cereal (i think its Just Right) with stewed apple on top! Yumm. Not on skim milk yet. I did buy some, but trying to use the rest of the full cream.

I've been following the Calorie King University as it goes through goal setting motivations etc. I think i will post them up here today to have a read.
I also didn't do my weights yesterday. I did create the checklist and print it out, but didn't actually get to doing anything. Today its my goal to do the weights list tonight.
I think i may get out a dvd and do my weights while watching it. Gotta team the bad with something good so i want to do it!!

Anyways, i'll be back on later to post my goals etc.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lunch and my motivation board!

Here is a picture of my motivation boards in my room. One of the boards have a calendar on it so i can see how far i've got to go and also to mark my Gold star. On the whiteboard, i've written my goal, and my conditions to get a gold star. To earn a gold star, i must drink 6 glasses of water, Complete my daily exercise and eat under my calorie limit.
My reward for last week was a bubble bath!! But this week, it will be a pedicure.

Today is like a Saturday to me really, as i work Tues - Sat.
I went out for lunch wit my little sister, and went to the Brisbane Hotel. Its like a bar with a beer garden. i ordered a pizza and shared a salad with Beth (my sister). I suppose the pizza was a bit naughty. I only ate half thinking i could take the rest in a doggy bag. I ate tons of salad to fill me up too. So i pretty much ate 3 pieces of pizza, and the sizes weren't that big.
I felt good after the meal - like i didn't feel heavy or bloated. I also drank 2 big glasses of water too!
I have already taken the 'Tobesta' (doggie) for a walk, and been on the wii. I'm ready to jump on the wii again for a 2nd session, make my dinner (barramundi and veges) and run myself a hot bath! ahhh.

I do try and exercise a bit more on the weekends, because that when i have the time! I want to loose even more this week - cos i wanna look hot for New years.

I felt good going out knowing that i've lost a little weight, however still seeing myself in reflections show my big arms and chunky legs! :(
Gotta keep going and not get discouraged - instead i need it to motivate me to try harder!

Anyway, i'll check in a bit later - let you know how i'm going!

Weigh in!

Weighed in today!!! So my new results are as follows

Starting weight: 90.5kgs
Current Weight: 89.3kgs

Whooh! A loss of 1.3 kilos! I'm pretty happy with that!

Well.. gotta keep going and strive toward next weigh in day. In the past week, i burned 1390 cals. My reward is a nice hot bubble bath! Will totally enjoy having that tonight!

So now, i would like to have a new set of goals for the week:

1) Keep calories below 1500 a day
2) Burn at least 1500 cals
3) Do an exercise activity that i haven't done yet (i.e. aqua aerobics)

My Reward: Pedicure

I now have 5.7 kilos to lose by January 31st! That seems already a lot more achievable!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wii Fit, Yoga and Stress

Well, i couldn't keep myself away! haha. I went on the Wii Fit+ tonight and just did some yoga for half an hour. It actually feels good. Its all about holding the stretches and breathing deeply while keeping your centre of gravity.

Well i feel a lot less stressed. Thats actually one of the things i've felt change most since i started exercising and eating well. I mainly exercise after work and its like i can literally feel the stress of the work day come out of me. People only told me that thats what exercise does, but i never really felt it for myself. i like it! I also think this blog is very therapeutic. Never been one to keep a diary, but i'm getting used to this!

The only thing i could do with now is a nice back massage!! Been waiting for one for ages. But i'm trying to make myself hold on until my holiday to Melbourne! Man, thats going to be nice and relaxing - i can't wait!

I plan on getting massages, shopping, going out for dinner and exercising (of course). I can already feel my troubles melting away!

Anyway, i'm off to bed to watch some 'Girls of the Playboy Mansion' and eat my treat for the day - Petit Miam Yoghurt!
Sleep ins tomorrow!

Not feeling well.. :(

Not feeling very well this arvo. Have a bit of stomach ache. I was feeling fine up until i ate my roll for lunch, since then not feeling too good.
I have decided to have a break tonight from exercise, and keep going with it tomorrow.

My muscles are sore too, and i'm mentally and physically exhausted from work today. I think i need to listen to my body and have a bit of a break. I've done quite a bit of exercise for 5 days straight now!

Tomorrow is weigh in! Excited but really nervous.

Wish me luck!!

Motivated to Succeed

I did a little motivation board this morning. These bodies are amazing and i really want to get there one day!
Last day before weigh-in tomorrow. I'm very excited actually. I'm really scared i'm going to lose motivation though. At this point, i'm all good (motivated), but i really don't want to lose that and just stop exercising.

Sometimes i find if i stop exercising for one night, then i'm less likely to do it the next. Perhaps i've just got to make sure that i do something, then i'll be fine.

Tonight, the Wii Active won't let me play because i've got to take a break! so, i'm going to go for a walk with Toby (my ever-so-cute Silky Terrier dog) and then i will do my weights and then maybe just a few fun games on Wii Fit.

I recently did a weights plan of the exercises that i want to do at home - so i make sure i get a well-rounded workout. Here they are:

  • Squats with 1 x 5kg weight (3 sets of 10)
  • Dumbbell Lunge (3 sets of 10)
  • Side Lunges with 2 x 3kg weights (3 sets of 10)
  • Swiss ball leg curl (3 sets of 10)
  • Bench dip (3 sets of 10)
  • Bicep Curl with 3kg weights (3 sets of 20)
  • Hammer Curl with 3kg weights (3 sets of 20)
  • Lying Tricep Extension with 3kg weights (3 set of 20)
  • Fit Ball Push-ups (3 sets of 10)
  • Ab-crunch on Fit ball (3 sets of 10)
  • Bicycle Kick ( 3 sets of 12 changes)
  • Dumbbell side Bend (3 sets of 10)
  • Plank (hold for as long as you can)
I don't know how long that will take me, so i'll test it out tonight! My Shoulders are a little sore from my Wii exercises last night, but hopefully they'll be feeling better tonight!

Anyway, it's only 6.40am, so have to get ready for work!
Yay - Saturday - tomorrow is my weekend!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Body Fat!

Okay, so i just set up my scales to measure body fat as well....
My BF% is 38!!!!
Its kinda making me feel sick - 38% of my body weight is fat! eww.

At least i know and i have a stat to work by now. i did peak at my weight too and it said 89.7 - i've lost nearly a kilo! However, i'm not really taking this into account yet until my proper weigh-in day which is Sunday.
I'm hoping this figure will help me determine whether my body weight reduction is due to fat-loss or just water loss. Hope thats the right thing to do. I'm new to all this weight loss stuff!

A fresh start: Where i'm at & my goals!

After signing up on a weightloss website, i started blogging! I've got a little addicted to it, so decided to use my blogspot address to do it as i like the features a bit more - and - i can make it pretty with a background! hehe

So... about me:
I'm 23 and weigh 90.5kgs. I've never *really* tried to lose weight before.
Well, i have, but not long term. Not like this!
Everytime i have in the past, i gave up in less than a week. Pathetic i know! Maybe my heart wasn't truly in it, or just thought it was too hard. My weight has been creeping up for a while and i thought that i better do something about it!

My ultimate goal is to weigh 65kgs. A total loss of 25.5kgs.
My first mini goal is to lose 7kgs by the time i go on my holiday. Which is at the end of January.
So i have 8 weeks to lose 7 kilos.

Who thinks i can do it????


I am currently trying to eat under 1600 cals a day (all my food is recorded on calorieking) and do a bit of exercise everyday. Most of my exercise at the moment has been going for walks and playing the Wii EA Active 4 week challenge. Its been really fun and burns a bit of calories at the same time!

I'm working myself up to putting a proper 'before pic' up. I'm terribly self conscious and don't want to frighten you all away with my semi-naked body! Maybe in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! I'm determined to do this right and succeed in my goals!

Stay tuned!