Monday, April 12, 2010

Why hello there!!!
I know i know. My motivation waned again and so i haven't posted lately.
My weight has stayed pretty much th
e same, 86.8, however i have noticed my body fat % crept up - about 0.5%.

Well, i'm back on the band wagon and am reducing the amount of carbs i'm eating. I'm not going crazy and being really picky, but i'm mainly staying away from meals with rice, bread and pasta.
For breakfast i've been having 2 scrambled eggs with
baked beans:
Today i had this haloumi salad for Lunch:

and this for dinner:

So i think all in all, it was an okay day, but the fat content was too high. I plan on switching to the spray oil as most of the fat was from oil used. And i ate the last of the haloumi, so i think i'll give that a break for now as that has a lot of fat in it too.

I did go to the gym today and burned 400 cals doing cardio.
Anyway, so i'm going to try and do something everyday this week exercise wise - i went today, plan on going tomorrow and wednesday, thursday and friday night is Zumba!

My goal is to see 85kgs on the scales in a week!


  1. yay she's back! 1240 calories in a day looks good - any snacks??

    Go 85! Keep it up!

    Ali :)

  2. yeah i had a cup of tea and 2 weight watchers cookies... all up, 90 cals. i don't want to eat over 1400 in a day so it was a good day.