Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Checking in - Gym membership, weigh in, and more!

Hi All!!
Well, i haven't posted for a little bit so i'll get you up to speed. I weighed in on Sunday:
Previous weight: 87.4
Current weight: 87.9
WHAT! Okay so before you all freak out - here is my thought process. I had fish and chips the previous night (not the total best choice, but i did have a small serving with a bit of salad too) - and that is very salty. I did drink a whole lot of water the day before so i thought it may have been water rentention.
Yesterday, i joined the gym! I got a 3 month membership (and then you get 1 month free). It cost me $285, but its something i can afford to do now, before i start being a poor uni student. This will get me through till May. I can do all their classes as well, so i'm going to put it to good use!
So i went to the gym yesterday as well and did 20 minute 'weight loss' program on the treadmill (or as fitnessista says: the revolving apparatus of death! hehe). Then i did half an hour on various weights, and then did another 5-10 mins on the eliptical. Was pretty dead after that, i have to say.
Now, i did jump on the scales yesterday too - and it was 86.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, dont let the exclamation marks fool you - i'm not getting too exciting YET!
I will save that for next weigh in day!
So this is my exercise schedule for this week:
Monday - Gym session (cardio + weights) DONE
Tuesday - Boxing class - sisters gym
Wednesday - Gym session - 30 mins cardio
Thursday - Zumba class (60 mins)
Friday - Wii Yoga (20 mins)
Saturday - REST
Sunday - REST ( maybe Wii?)
Yes, as you can see i'm trying a boxing class tonight. Boxing has always been my favourite activity on the wii, and wanted to try a proper class out. I just think of all the people that think i can't do this and kick them in the gut (in my head of course). I'll let you know how it goes!
Btw - just before i go, i wanted to let you know, i put on my jeans (that i wore all the time before i started losing weight) and they were loose! Had to keep pulling them up every 2 seconds! yay!

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  1. Well done on joining the gym and on your workout. An even bigger well done on yesterdays weight!