Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh my, it has been a while

Okay kiddo's.

I need a boost. Not in the exercise department - but food. Up until yesterday i don't think i was eating 'bad' but it hasnt been as good as it used to be.
Yesterday i had popcorn for dinner??? whats with that!?
Ok, i didn't exactly look in the pantry and decide on popcorn - i was out at the movies and it was dinner time, and we got free popcorn! Pretty hard to say no when they're handing it out at the door!!

So i've pretty much got a week until my holiday and i want to get back on track, make perfect decisions and hit the gym. How will i make myself do that?? hmmmmm. Good question.

I am heading to Zumba tonight, but afterward, i am going home, and tackling that question! So sit tight pretties. I will be back with the answer!

1 comment:

  1. I think planning is a good idea especially with food. Exercise buddies is another good way to keep on track!!

    keep at it!