Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weigh in, holidays and the new plan.

Well, i weighed in on the weekend! Heres my stats:
Previous weight: 87.9
Current weight: 86.8
Yay! Loss on 1.1 kilos. My weight in between went as high as 88kilos! However, it was TTOM, so that would have definitely contributed.

Caught up with my best friend on the weekend as well and she said she can definitely notice a difference already!!! It is so nice to hear something like that when you feel like you're putting so much effort into something and not getting any results.

I feel like my overall body shape is much better from the exercise. ie. looking a little more toned.

The weekend was a little naughty - i had a couple of ice-creams, and a bit of greasy meat. However on the up-side, i made some good choices as well, like having some subway before we went out (instead of maccas) and after a big night out, had some yoghurt and fruit instead of a greasy maccas breakfast (which my friend wanted to get!).

Well, i had a bit of a think about my food issues as well, and have decided to kick it up a notch when i get back from my holiday (i'll most definitely need it!)

I leave for my interstate holiday this saturday, and just going to relax a bit. Havent had a holiday for just over a year and dying to relax a little. So i'm treating myself to a full body massage and a couple of new outfits! hehe.

When i get back i'm revamping!! I'm going to lower my calorie intake - to 1250 a day and keep my exercise regime the same. Hopefully this will spur me to make smarter choices with my food and wake up my body a little bit (avoiding any plateau).

So thats the plan, stan. (who is stan anyway?)
p.s. note my inspirational image above - jessica Alba - she is hot!

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