Friday, January 1, 2010

New year, New Struggles, New Achievements.

Hello 2010!! How long we have waited for you!
Well, i am determined to make this year MY year!

Yesterday was quite a day - i managed to get up, go on wii for half an hour, bake a cake, cook and serve lunch for 8 people, ice the cake and sing a good round of Happy Birthday to my mum!
I had a pretty relaxing night last night though - just had a quiet one - went out for dinner - and then came home to watch some tv. And i was dragged off to sleep at 11:30pm (am i 23?). However i did wake up again at 11:54pm by our terrified dog scared by all the premature fireworks being let off (Buy a watch people!).

Today i woke up to some very sore muscles, from the weights i did a couple of days ago! My thighs, butt and arms are killing! But its actually good to feel those muscles again - i hadn't felt them be sore in a little while!
Haven't gone on the Wii yet today, i'm a bit scared i won't be able to do all the exercises cos of my muscles - alas - it is the first day of the year though, and i want to make sure i get off to a good start, so don't worry - i will be on there!

SO... my official starting weight for the new year is 87.4!
My goal is still currently 83.5 by the end of January.
Which means i have a little less than 4 kgs to lose in 4 weeks!

I feel like i'm right on target at the moment. And i can't wait till i get to 83.5. I can already see my self going on holiday with a sense of achievement!


  1. Sue, I think you need to add the recipes that you used for the vegie skewers and salad. I definitely want to try to replicate and need your secrets!!

    4kgs in 4 weeks - it's a great target. Can't wait for the next Zumba class. I think I will try and do a few Body Pump classes, because even though they are tough, I think they are a good mix for weight loss.

  2. Happy New Year :)
    Good luck for January and the rest of the year!

  3. @Alicia - the recipe's are up!

    @Ellen - Happy New year to you too! I'm taking all the luck i can get!! :)