Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shish ka-bob!

So as requested, I am putting the recipe up for the delicious shish-kabobs i made on NYE.


Lemon Garlic Shish-kabobs
1 bottle of white wine vinegar
2 lemons and rind
5 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
4 tbspn of Olive Oil
1 tbspn of mixed herbs (Basil, oregano etc)
Mix the above ingredients together, and marinate the following vegetables overnight:
- Tofu (i bought 1 500gm organic block from Coles - cut into 2cm cubes)
- Red, Yellow and green Capsicum (cut into squares)
- Button mushrooms (cut in half)
- Cherry tomato's (cut in half)
You can also try:
- Zucchini
- Tempeh
Once the have marinated overnight, skewer them up and slap them on the BBQ. Its a real summery sort of dish and the vegetable really soak up the vinegar garlic and herbs. You can also keep the marinade as a dressing for a garden salad afterward.

I accompanied the kebobs with a
Holoumi salad

I pan-fried some haloumi, cut in half (so about 4cm in length and 1 cm deep)
Then i fried the following dressing for it:
4 diced tomatoes
1 roughly cut fennel
Half a red onion
Handful of pitted and halved Kalamata Olives.
Serve Haloumi on mixed lettuce leave and top with the tomato/olive dressing!

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  1. Yummo. SOunds devine. Will have to give that a shot. :)