Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lunch and my motivation board!

Here is a picture of my motivation boards in my room. One of the boards have a calendar on it so i can see how far i've got to go and also to mark my Gold star. On the whiteboard, i've written my goal, and my conditions to get a gold star. To earn a gold star, i must drink 6 glasses of water, Complete my daily exercise and eat under my calorie limit.
My reward for last week was a bubble bath!! But this week, it will be a pedicure.

Today is like a Saturday to me really, as i work Tues - Sat.
I went out for lunch wit my little sister, and went to the Brisbane Hotel. Its like a bar with a beer garden. i ordered a pizza and shared a salad with Beth (my sister). I suppose the pizza was a bit naughty. I only ate half thinking i could take the rest in a doggy bag. I ate tons of salad to fill me up too. So i pretty much ate 3 pieces of pizza, and the sizes weren't that big.
I felt good after the meal - like i didn't feel heavy or bloated. I also drank 2 big glasses of water too!
I have already taken the 'Tobesta' (doggie) for a walk, and been on the wii. I'm ready to jump on the wii again for a 2nd session, make my dinner (barramundi and veges) and run myself a hot bath! ahhh.

I do try and exercise a bit more on the weekends, because that when i have the time! I want to loose even more this week - cos i wanna look hot for New years.

I felt good going out knowing that i've lost a little weight, however still seeing myself in reflections show my big arms and chunky legs! :(
Gotta keep going and not get discouraged - instead i need it to motivate me to try harder!

Anyway, i'll check in a bit later - let you know how i'm going!

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