Monday, December 7, 2009

Motivations and Goals

Here are my motivations to lose weight:
1. Health - My dad had a heart attack at 52 yrs. Its definitely a bit of an eye opener and reminds me how much i value my own good health. I would like to keep it that way!! There are many diseases that come with being overweight that i most definitely want to avoid. I would love to run up a flight of stair and feel fit and strong, not worn out and breathless!
2. Appearance - a very big motivator for me. Especially as i'm 23 years old - i want to be fashionable, and it gets very hard to do that as you get bigger. I want to like what i see when i see my reflection. I feel like i'm missing my 20's being fat.
3. Self Esteem - A few weeks ago while sitting at a cafe outside, a girl 'thought' i was staring at her. She made some remarks at me - telling me to get in the gym and calling me fat. I know she was rude and being really judgemental, but it really did affect me. i already feel terribly self-conscious about the way i look, and its those situations that dont help. i was so embarrassed and shocked. I don't want to have a reason to feel self-concious. i want to have no fear and let nothing hold me back. I really couldn't say anything back to that girl because it was kind of true what she said. Instead - i use that as motivation now - and invisage her face while doing my boxing!
I want to get rid of the internal dialogue telling me i'm too fat to go to the beach or wear shorts or dresses.
4. Self-control - I would love to feel like i get a say into what i want to eat and feel strong minded to eat something healthy when i feel like take-away. i want to be able to resist temptation.
5. Social Acceptance - i've never felt like i would belong when out with a group of pretty girls - its almost like they're allowed to have fun and do what they like because they're skinny. Whereas i couldn't get away with that because i'm ugly. I want to feel like i'm actually wanted and someone wouldn't write me off just because of the way that i look. This seems like a shallow motivation, but i suppose you don't know what its like until you have been the one not accepted.

My Goals:
My long term goal: By my 24th birthday, i will weigh 65kgs, and be happier and healthier. I will be in control of my life and i would enjoy exercising. I will be a more confident person and able to reach my full potential.
Short-term milestone: By 31st January, i would have lost 7kgs and have gotten into a regular routine of eating healthy and regular exercise. I will already feel much better about myself and confident i can continue this journey through to the end.

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  1. Hello! SIXFOOTFEMALE here from CK :) Very well done, you have formulated a SMART goal (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely) for yourself, congratulations! You are definitely on the right track, two thumbs up!!
    If you are worried about self-control and cravings try the following: have protein with every meal. This will reduce cravings basically from day1. This works best with little starchy carbs (bread, pasta etc) - see how you go! All the best!