Friday, December 4, 2009

A fresh start: Where i'm at & my goals!

After signing up on a weightloss website, i started blogging! I've got a little addicted to it, so decided to use my blogspot address to do it as i like the features a bit more - and - i can make it pretty with a background! hehe

So... about me:
I'm 23 and weigh 90.5kgs. I've never *really* tried to lose weight before.
Well, i have, but not long term. Not like this!
Everytime i have in the past, i gave up in less than a week. Pathetic i know! Maybe my heart wasn't truly in it, or just thought it was too hard. My weight has been creeping up for a while and i thought that i better do something about it!

My ultimate goal is to weigh 65kgs. A total loss of 25.5kgs.
My first mini goal is to lose 7kgs by the time i go on my holiday. Which is at the end of January.
So i have 8 weeks to lose 7 kilos.

Who thinks i can do it????


I am currently trying to eat under 1600 cals a day (all my food is recorded on calorieking) and do a bit of exercise everyday. Most of my exercise at the moment has been going for walks and playing the Wii EA Active 4 week challenge. Its been really fun and burns a bit of calories at the same time!

I'm working myself up to putting a proper 'before pic' up. I'm terribly self conscious and don't want to frighten you all away with my semi-naked body! Maybe in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for joining me on this journey! I'm determined to do this right and succeed in my goals!

Stay tuned!

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