Saturday, December 12, 2009

Same Same

Well, i didn't get to post anything yesterday, was pretty busy with work!
I had an alright day yesterday, i got Japanese for lunch, and decided to get the tempurah prawn. I didn't really even get to finish it though, because i was driving home at the same time!
But then i wasn't really that hungry in the arvo - how it usually is these days.
So i just waited till dinner.

I did take the Tobesta (my doggie) for a walk, and then got on the Wii for a session. I actually had 2 days off from it, and my body felt a lot better doing the exercises. I felt i could hold the positions for longer. i.e. the lunges (my least favourite activity!) i could hold no problem. I felt stronger!

Anyway, last day of my work week today! Yay. Last day working at Rockingham (can i say ever!?). So in a slightly good mood today!
Wonder what i will get for lunch!? I must say, its getting a lot easier to make better food decisions. I pretty much don't even look at the bad stuff so it doesn't tempt me. And i've come to know if i do eat something that has more calories than i thought, i can control my dinner so i can level it out - or just exercise more!

Anyway, i will check in a bit later - maybe when i get home from work!

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