Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Keeping track...

So i was curious (okay just bored at work) to know how many calories i had burned so far this week. My goal was to burn 1500 cals this week.
Sunday - 377 cals
Monday - 348 cals
Tuesday - 228 cals
Thats already 953 cals in just 3 days! Maybe next time i should make my targets a bit higher.
Well tonight i plan on taking the dog for a quick walk (as usual), then doing some games on the Wii Fit + as EA active is telling me i need to have a break (how rude!? Has it actually seen what i look like!?). Might do some yoga, a bit of running, and some balance games on that.
I just bought a skipping rope from rebel sport. It was 14.95 and looks pretty good quality! If you think about it, all i have to do is skip for less than an hour to get my money back. I would usually spend $15 on a casual gym pass and burn about 500 cals. Whereas on the skipping rope, i burn 75 cals every 5 mins! Well, i think its a good idea.
So, i plan to do some skipping tonight also. I think after i've finished on the wii, i will just see how long i can skip for. I'm tossing up whether to purchase the HRM. Its $200 for the one that i want... and its already on sale. Saving $50. Still undecided.

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