Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sore throat! :(

Last night i had a days break kinda. I didn't get on the Wii. My intention was to do a few low impact exercises, but did not have the energy. I did take my dog for a walk yesterday for 25 mins, but was at quite a slow pace, as i've been getting those bad leg pains!! I tried skipping - but guess what!? i don't have anywhere to skip! Outside my house is a big pergola type thing, and its just that little bit too low! so my rope keeps hitting it - we've got grapes coming down from it too, and i don't want to knock all the growing bunches off it! I tried going on the grass, but our patch off grass is slopey, and its just not working out for me! I think on the weekend, i'll try and find a 'posi' thats best for it!
Another bad thing of today is that i woke up with a sore throat! Not good i know. It's gone away since then, but i'm really hoping it doesn't turn into something!
What i am really axcited about though, is Zumba class! I'm hopefully going with my sister next Thursday night, so i'll let you know how that goes! Watch the vid to see what its like!
It really looks like a fun way to burn a few calories!
Thats what my exercise regime is all about i think - finding something you enjoy so you keep at it! i find the Wii lots of fun, and because i did dance when i was young, i think i will enjoy Zumba.
On the eating side of things, i think i'm going alright. Sticking to low calorie foods. I think i do need to work on my portion size, however my mum will go back to cooking most meals (as she's now home from holidays). She's usually pretty good with portion size, so i will resist temptation to go back for seconds! hehe
For lunch i had Tuni sushi roll. It was pretty good! I haven't really felt like sushi in a while, but decided i would today. I also got myself a Watermelon boost drink. It was the lowest calorie drink on the menu - 167 cals. Which i think was ok, seen that sushi is lower calories than i would normally have at lunch. So far i've had 800 cals today so far.... and i feel actually really good with what i've ate, i don't feel totally full or heavy after lunch - i feel quite light and refreshed for a change! :)
Another thing i have to add... i had a sneak peak at the scales last night... it was 91.something. What the!? I don't know whether its just cos i did it during the week, or i really have put on weight! Starting to freak out a little. I think it would be so bad to put last weeks weight back on because i feel like i've been trying hard and it would just be a giant slap in the face.
I will try not to dwell on it though, i know i'm leading a much healthier lifestyle than i used to. And the weight will eventually come off. Just need to be patient with my body!

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