Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weigh In!

Last Week: 89.3
CW: 89.5

SO i gained 200gms. :( However, my body fat is 38.8 - meaning i lost 0.2% of fat?
Just to keep you guys updated. My job requires me to stand all day, and last night i came home, ready to do some exercise, and both my feet were massive - they got all swelled up! Its now the morning and they are still all swelled (just not as bad!)
I had to keep my foot elevated so the fluid can come back up. Looks like i'll be visiting the doctor tomorrow to see whats up!

This is making it really hard to exercise. I suppose i've just got to focus on my food and make sure i'm eating well.
It feels like whenever you actually try and go for a goal - the world goes against you - first i pretty much broke my toe, the next thing was the pain in my legs when i tried to walk, and now this! I feel like the world is testing me and seeing if i can cut it! pfft.
Well, i'm going to try my absolute hardest to stick to this - because i want it bad!

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