Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still going!

So i just finished my exercise. I took Toby dog for a walk. I wasn't planning on it, but he went mental as soon as i changed into my exercise clothes! I felt so bad, so i took him out. I ran part of the way, but i've been getting these really bad pain up the side of my legs - its gets so painful i can hardly walk! It really ruins the rest of my walks!! :( i felt like i could have worked a lot harder if i wasn't in so much pain!

When i came back i just did 20 mins on the Wii, i set it to easy but it still gave me a workout! The hardest are the squat holds!! Ouch! And i felt like i was running for 3 hours in the last activity!

For dinner i had the rest of the barramundi coated in egg and lemon pepper, then lightly fried. I had that with a big portion of broccoli. i feel pretty full. My sister would be happy to know it had no potato. She was telling me to cut back on it - but i love it so much!!

I'm still really tired though, and i'm hoping this phase will pass. Isn't eating healthy and exercise meant to give you more energy? Hopefully it will come... but right now, i am pooped!

I really didn't feel like exercising tonight. I feel like my motivation is dwindling. Like the fire is burning out a bit. I just need to think about the future, and how much more i will enjoy my holiday knowing that i have worked hard at this. My sister also got me thinking about my birthday (in which i plan to be 65kgs) and what i should do for it. It did get me excited thinking about it. Since i've started, i've only really been thinking about the short term goal.

Anyway, i will fantasise about the possibilities of my 24th birthday - happy and healthy!
See you tomorrow!

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