Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm writing this to you all sweaty and hot from a Wii Workout! I burned 218 cals tonight. I was sitting on my bed feeling pretty sorry for myself, so i thought i would do something about it!

I feel better now i've done something because i've had a couple of days off because of my feet. I went to the doctor about it today and i think he had no idea what it was!? He thought they both may have been sprained??? hmm... he doesn't think its a clot, but feels he has to rule it out so he's sending me for a scan or something. He reckons i shouldn't exercise for 2-3 weeks and wear flat shoes.... hmmm. Don't think i can do that. Well, i'm going to see how it goes anyway. My feet look like they have pretty much returned to normal now anyway. I'll see how work goes tomorrow and decide whether to get a second opinion.

Food wise was okay today. I did go over my sisters place for lunch. We had roast beef with veges, and fruit salad with custard for desert. Calorie King said that the meet had 10.6 gms of fat and i put down a tablespoon of olive oil too, as it was roasted and it said 18gms of fat!!! eek. Said my total fat intake was 61.4! The curry i had for dinner was supposedly 19.6gms of fat, however don't think that was completely accurate because the curry was homemade. I know it would have had fat in it, but probably not that much!

Tomorrow is a new day. Back at work. Its Christmas time and hopefully its a bit busier. Tomorrow night i want to be back on the Wii, maybe do some Yoga also. I'm at a different shopping centre also, so new food court. I know there is Sushi there - so thats always a good option.
However, there is Maccas there too! Sometimes when i'm tired from work, that when i feel like getting some junk food - especially something like maccas chips or a cheeseburger. Its funny that i'm noticing a pattern of when i crave that food. Maybe because i'm tired, i just want a quick fix or think it will make me feel better quickly. I'm starting to realise i have to use other ways of making myself feel better than eating junk! So far i haven't given in to my typical junk food fixes. I haven't had any starburst for afternoon tea, or fast food meals for dinner! I do feel better i guess! It is hard, but it will just take a bit of time for me to stop craving that sort of stuff and forget about it!

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