Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spaghetti and Skipping

Well, yesterday wasn't as good a day as i was planning!!
There wasn't really much in my pantry for lunch yesterday, so i made a small bowl of nachos! I did restrict my cheese and portion size. This would have been an okay choice i think, if i had a healthy dinner.... HOWEVER, thats when it all went wrong!
I think i got my first hit of craving something bad. Thai was the craving specifically. I was tired and didn't feel like cooking anything - so takeaway thai was really tempting me.
So the good news is... i didn't get thai!!! And maybe we should just dwell on this for a moment! :)
That means i did resist what i was craving! I do think this is a bit of a step forward for me, because before, i was a girl who whatever she felt like eating, i went out and got - pretty much no self control!! But i did resist this time, and took myself to woolies to buy something.
And the bad news is.... i cooked spaghetti, and ate quite a bit of it. I did check the calories of the sauce at the supermarket (which was like hardly anything - about 25cals a serve), but what i didn't check was pasta. When i was munching down on it, i was thinking it would be aroung 500 cals. To my horror - 815 CALORIES!!! OMG! Spag bol seems innocent and tasty, but it is only the latter.
Anyway, i'm moving on, and deciding to have a really good day to make up for it. What i will invest in today is a skipping rope! Thats right.. the humble skipping rope. All i remember of skipping ropes is playing doubledutch at school! I found out it burns 75 cals per 5 minutes. My theory is, that i continue my normal fitness regime, but add in 10 mins moderate skipping a day, burning another 150 cals!! If i get my rope today, i will do my 10 minutes skipping tonight.
Another downside of yesterday is that i, again, excused my way out of my weights set!!! Whats wrong with me!! After my huge spaghetti, i became a lump on the sofa and lacked any willpower to move. Yep, thats the power of a plate of carbs at 7pm!
Shall i try again for tonight? I am really tired today, but i'm not going to use it as an excuse, usually when i start doing some exercise, it really wakes me up - its just making the first step!
Wish me luck!
I'll check in tonight, when i've actually put my butt into gear and done some exercise!

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