Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weigh in!

Weighed in today!!! So my new results are as follows

Starting weight: 90.5kgs
Current Weight: 89.3kgs

Whooh! A loss of 1.3 kilos! I'm pretty happy with that!

Well.. gotta keep going and strive toward next weigh in day. In the past week, i burned 1390 cals. My reward is a nice hot bubble bath! Will totally enjoy having that tonight!

So now, i would like to have a new set of goals for the week:

1) Keep calories below 1500 a day
2) Burn at least 1500 cals
3) Do an exercise activity that i haven't done yet (i.e. aqua aerobics)

My Reward: Pedicure

I now have 5.7 kilos to lose by January 31st! That seems already a lot more achievable!

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