Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Did you know that a cup of full cream milk has 10 gms of fat!!!???
I just found that out and i'm astounded!! I just learned how to turn on the 'fat intake' coming up on my calorie king journal - i always seem to exeed my recommended fat intake on the weekends!! hmmm.... gotta work on that!


  1. Hiya!!

    Whirlsie here from CK, hope u dont mind that I am here, just wanted to make sure u were going ok :)

    Just so u know, I usually only drink full fat milk, I don't like the taste or texture of skim. So, I just look at where the fat is coming from in the other places. Now I barely ever go over in my fat intake :) The only time I use skim is for cooking :)

    Glad to see u are doing well :) Oh and I thought u might like a cool little gadget for ur webpage. its called a ticker for ur weightloss. check them out here I have one and really like seeing it get closer to my goal weight :)


  2. Hey! Its certainly fine to be here!
    Yeah, i think our household has decided to go hi-lo, its a compromise. I don't particularly love drinking skim milk either! It seems a little watery!

    I will definitely check out the Weightloss ticker too!