Friday, December 4, 2009

Body Fat!

Okay, so i just set up my scales to measure body fat as well....
My BF% is 38!!!!
Its kinda making me feel sick - 38% of my body weight is fat! eww.

At least i know and i have a stat to work by now. i did peak at my weight too and it said 89.7 - i've lost nearly a kilo! However, i'm not really taking this into account yet until my proper weigh-in day which is Sunday.
I'm hoping this figure will help me determine whether my body weight reduction is due to fat-loss or just water loss. Hope thats the right thing to do. I'm new to all this weight loss stuff!

1 comment:

  1. Just remember that these scales sent a current from one foot to the other via your legs - and that's where we girls tend to have the fat stored. I had a friend with skinny legs but a super fat gut and he measured as 'skinny' on these stupid scales!