Thursday, December 24, 2009

Zumba & Christmas


Quick update of whats happening - i still haven't weighed myself for nearly 2 weeks 'officially' however i did peek on the scales this morning and it say 88.5! Thats gone down another 0.8 kilos! Maybe it was the Zumba!?

Zumba was pretty cool! There was a lot of ass-shaking! Haha. I felt like Kendra from Girls of the playboy mansion - except maybe not that buff!! haha. I most definitely felt every piece of fat on my body wiggle! I'm going to start doing it every week. I want to see my improvement from week-to-week as well. I was pretty exhausted 30 mins in to it, so next time i go, maybe it will be 35 mins into it!?

Foods going all right. It is Christmas tomorrow, and i think we have some pretty healthy things on the menu this year, but i will just have to watch my portion control. I also have a goal to not drink any soft-drink tomorrow! I figure because i might have some dessert and bits and pieces so if i can eliminate soft-drink it will make it a little easier on myself (and the scales). I also plan to go to my dads house to swim in the pool tomorrow, so that will probly burn some extra calories!

I also want to see if i can get on the wii tonight! Just want a quick high-intensity workout to keep me on track for Chrissy! My goal is to burn 200 cals. Maybe my lil sis will play some games with me too!?

Anyway, i best be off as i am actually at work at the moment! Will post again after Chrissy!

P.S - the picture above is what i will look like at Christmas next year!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Good work with the scales Sue! I told you it would start coming off if you kept eating healthly and was more active. Hopefully that will give you a little boost to keep strong and keep moving!