Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and thereafter...

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!
I had a good Christmas - even if i had to work Boxing Day!

We had a picnic in Kings Park (our main park in Western Australia) and everyone brought a plate to share! I think i did alright food wise. For lunch i had some cold lean meats (turkey and ham) with some cranberry sauce. I had about 4 fresh prawns with some cocktail sauce, a bit of salad and some chocolate dipped cherries for dessert. Okay so the chocolate part wasnt that great!! Thats probably the worst thing i ate all day though. On calorie King, the chocolate and cherries worked out to be about 600 cals!! But then again it was christmas, and i didn't have any cake or hardly any soft drink or alcohol. For the day, i consumed about 1500 Cals, and then i was swimming in the pool for a couple of hours, which i put on CK as 60 mins of slow stroke swimming - it said that it would have burned about 700 cals, but i don't really think thats right! If it is, i'd be pretty pleased!

Last night i went on the Wii and did 20 mins by myself, and 20 mins with my little sister (even though she thought it was too hard half way through and gave up). so i burned 250 cals last night. I was pretty happy with that. My arms are sore this morning though!! Can you believe it? Was probly from the continuous Volleyball, tennis and baseball i was playing! haha.

i bought a new water bottle yesterday and i love it! Its pink and has all these quotes on it, looking exactly like the image above! It 750ml, so its a good size to take with me to work everyday and gulp the lot!

Going to the movies tonight. The plan is to eat some Subway for dinner and resist the goodies after all that chocolate on Christmas day!

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