Monday, December 7, 2009

Bubble Bath - reward time!!!

Well last night i cooked the dinner above. It was Barramundi marinated in lemon, olive oil and parsley. I also made my own wedges (healthy style) and some asparagus. I realised as i served it up that it was probably a little big in serving. I hardly ever cook for 1 so i'm still learning!
Anyway, it turned out really nice and i think it was a nice balanced meal too?

I had my beautiful and relaxing candlelit bath as a reward for the past week. It was very indulgent and i have to say i had a really good sleep after that. Its really nice taking some time out for yourself where you're just still and focussed on relaxing! Although, my muscles are still hanging out for that massage - however that is my 7kg reward i will get in melbourne! Gotta do the hard work first!

Just had breakfast - cereal (i think its Just Right) with stewed apple on top! Yumm. Not on skim milk yet. I did buy some, but trying to use the rest of the full cream.

I've been following the Calorie King University as it goes through goal setting motivations etc. I think i will post them up here today to have a read.
I also didn't do my weights yesterday. I did create the checklist and print it out, but didn't actually get to doing anything. Today its my goal to do the weights list tonight.
I think i may get out a dvd and do my weights while watching it. Gotta team the bad with something good so i want to do it!!

Anyways, i'll be back on later to post my goals etc.

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  1. That dinner looks fantastic!! Love a relaxing bubble bath!!! Good luck with your journey.