Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wii Fit, Yoga and Stress

Well, i couldn't keep myself away! haha. I went on the Wii Fit+ tonight and just did some yoga for half an hour. It actually feels good. Its all about holding the stretches and breathing deeply while keeping your centre of gravity.

Well i feel a lot less stressed. Thats actually one of the things i've felt change most since i started exercising and eating well. I mainly exercise after work and its like i can literally feel the stress of the work day come out of me. People only told me that thats what exercise does, but i never really felt it for myself. i like it! I also think this blog is very therapeutic. Never been one to keep a diary, but i'm getting used to this!

The only thing i could do with now is a nice back massage!! Been waiting for one for ages. But i'm trying to make myself hold on until my holiday to Melbourne! Man, thats going to be nice and relaxing - i can't wait!

I plan on getting massages, shopping, going out for dinner and exercising (of course). I can already feel my troubles melting away!

Anyway, i'm off to bed to watch some 'Girls of the Playboy Mansion' and eat my treat for the day - Petit Miam Yoghurt!
Sleep ins tomorrow!

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